Kite Spots





St Heliers

any N

Any tide is fine but 2-3 hours before low is the best with butter flat silky smooth knee-deep water.

Launch anywhere on the beach, most people launch just launch near the boat ramp.

Don't launch eastern end of beach as there is a wind shadow.


Orewa beach

E or ne

Any tide - but low tide is the best.

Launching is super easy, there is a whole beach.

Boots riding might not be as enjoyable as it's sometimes quite choppy. 

Do not kite through the swim lane!


Eastern beach


Mid-low tide (however any tide is rideable)

Launching is super easy anywhere along the beach.


Awesome flat water spot.


cheltenkitingham beach

E or ne

Mid-low tide (not too low though)

Awesome flat water spot.

However, if you get there at the lowest tide you'll have to walk out for ages. 


Watch out for launching on high tide as there are lots of nearby housing and people.




Mid to high tide

To launch, park in the carpark at approx. 19 Lincoln st., walk across the bridge and set up on the grass reserve in front of the house.


Awesome butter flat water.

If you kite upwind try to tuck underneath the sand dunes.



any w

Mid to low tide (However any tide is rideable)

Super easy launch, a whole beach for you to play on. 

Be careful with the waves. This beach can be quite dangerous if you're not comfortable with big waves and rips. Would not recommend for beginners


Airport spot


Any tide is fine but not super low

Pump up on a small patch of grass by the carpark and then launch on the beach.


shoal bay


(West is doable but a bit gusty)

Mid to high tide (However any tide is doable)

The only real place to launch is on the spit. 

Don't come here to learn, the mud sucks. Upwind only.


Pine harbour

any w 

Mid tide (However any tide is rideable)

At high tide, you won't have much room to launch.


Set up on the grass and CAREFULLY walk down the rocks with your kite to launch on the beach.


Glendowie Spit


(If too westerly, it gets too gusty.)

Mid to high tide

Okay, just launch near the carpark. 

One of the hottest places in central Auckland, with a permanent sandspit. Super dope. Just make sure the wind doesn't catch ya as it's offshore

Pt. chev

any w

Mid tide (However any tide is rideable)

Bit gusty.



any S

Mid to low tide (however any tide is doable)

Super easy launch, anywhere along the beach. 

Awesome learning spot especially on a crosswind.

If you're a learner, do not come at high tide.