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Hall of Fame

Welcome to the clubs biggest winners, or should we say losers. Standing next to those who have made kitesurfing history these are the air to the clubs bladder.

Skipping school, death loops, spaghetti lines and kite mares - words to live by. 

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Ben mccan

Founding Member and 1st President of the UoA Kitesurf Club

Ben McCann is a true legend in the UOA Kitesurf Club. Starting the club as a means to make friends (as he didn't have any) he quickly became one of the hottest kitesurfers on the New Zealand scene.


Just recently he competed in the World Kiteboarding League, managed to land a backroll and then lost his kite in which world number one Liam Whaley had to come to rescue him.  Known for his sick as S-bends, shitty as jumps but being one of the most loyal people we know, McCann is the reason we are all here today.


Cudos to the man who saved us from the boredom of Auckland University, we salute you McCann and your up and coming adventures wherever kitesurfing may take you.

Ben McCan

Jonty Norton

Absolute yarn and 2nd President of the UoA Kitesurf Club

Gosh, where to begin. Jonty learnt to kite in the space of about 5 minutes and to this date, is the clubs fastest learner. He has unhealthy amounts of enthusiasm, the ability to motivate hundreds of people and a smile that leaves most females weak at the knees.

Jonty became president in 2015 and doubled the clubs membership within 6 months, propelling the club to its 'world's largest' status and securing major sponsorship & endorsements from the biggest brands in the industry. Oh, and he raised $12k in funding. Yup, he's one of those bastards that is good at everything.

Jonty is, to put it simply, fantastic at creating atmosphere: fill a room with people, stick Jonty in the middle with an agenda and he'll have everyone lining up for whatever he's selling (or, in some circumstances, setting their eyebrows on fire). Being the youngest of 4, this boy is very competitive, particularly when on skis or with a kite in his hands or both. Couple this with his strong sense of adventure and leadership, it would be safe to say that he's going places.

What has made Jonty such a good president and a great friend is his bottomless ambition to give people the best possible time. Whether it's a quick visit to his dingey flat, or he's helping you rig your gear in 30 knots at Kite Nationals, Jonty's sole mission is to create unforgettable days and experiences. And he's the best at it

Jonty Norton

3rd President of the UoA Kitesurf Club #Salivating

3rd Prez of the UOA Kite Club and coining the term "Salivator" Abby is an absolute salivator and a slow convert from snowboarder to kiteboarder!

Abby is responsible for the mass of girls now in the club and has attempted to make "Kite Club Great Again" although it was fucken great to begin with. 

Abby Thompson

Tom Crss

Froth(k)ing. Never lend this guy your kite.

Crss-Cross and his big black banana.

One of our all time favourite club members. An absolute frother... just never lend him your gear. He has the club record for breaking the most kites. 3 sessions and 4 kites. Probably even a world record.

His latest stupid decisions to date has been ripping an entire brand new switchblade in half and having to pay $250 to get it fixed and stupidly buying Marc Jacobs ripped old kite. If Tom was to stop kitesurfing tomorrow over half the kite repair shops in Auckland would be out of business.


Tom is also banned for life at New Flavour Dumplings. Nearly every Thursday night you can see him with an empty bottle of wine in one hand and a handful of dumplings ready to hurl in the other.

Tom is also a "meme" king and is responsible for more than half of the outrageous promotional posters.

Tom Crss

Polly Crathorne

Our first ever pro kitesurfer and putting the boys to shame.